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What you need !

4. Arrive early. 
Come a few minutes before class to set your mat and meet your community. It is also advised you come with enough time to fill out any paperwork (if its your first time!) or pay for the class.

3. Wear comfortable flexible clothing.
We recommend you wear easy to move in clothing so you can move into different poses with ease and without worry.

2. Bring the essentials .
Don’t forget to bring your yoga mat, water, and if you have a medical marijuana card feel free to bring medical cannabis, and cannabis smoking tools.
If you do not have a mat, don’t worry, we have extras!
If you do not have a MMJ, don’t worry, anyone 21+ is welcome to have an elevated class with us.

1. Leave your worries at the door.  
We invite our students to leave their stress and worries outside. Come with an open mind and be ready to have a good time with like minded people. All of our classes are suitable for all levels and curated to compliment your elevated state of being.

If you do not have a Medical Marijuana Card and would like to obtain one, please visit one of our preferred healthcare providers :

Valley Center for Cannabis Therapy or call them at 702-441-0928 to schedule your appointment.